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Our Core Values

Budget Pre-owned Cars is built with a sight and dream that there has to be a better way to buy and sell a pre owned car, we mean , a memorable experience every customer leaves with. Before we could process ahead, we laid the foundation upon which our car-selling venture would be built, and that was COMMITMENT.When we researched further, we came to know what our esteemed customers wanted.

Only Certified Cars...!Nothing Else...

What We Don`t Do

We Do Not Accept

No Flooded Car

Flooded Car

We don`t accept flood-damaged cars because they are very unreliable vehicles. While vehicle reseller may be able to hide most of the cosmetic flood damage, it is very difficult to completely fix an engine that has been flooded. The car may look decent on the outside, but could be rusting from the inside—putting you and your passengers in danger, and keeping you at risk for major costly repairs.

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Tampered Speedometer Cars

Genuine odometer reading – a strict no to cars where the odometer is tampered or rolled back


Accidental Cars

No accidental - structural damaged cars. Forget about a major damage, even a minute repair on the structure and we will not accept it unlike the other dealers or OEM Used Car Companys accepting these



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Only Certified Cars...!!! Nothing Else...

Detailed Certified Cars: Cars genuinely certified by senior engineers and not the mechanics or the bank valuators; unlike the other dealers buying their certification from online companies or from a bank valuator who would not be technically competent to certify a car. Remember there is a difference between certification and valuation

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WE Provide Cars

Car Shielded With Warranty

Robust Warranty backup – No matter we sell a 1 year old or a 10 year old car, we assure our customers with complete peace of mind by offering robust warranty on all cars. Also or cars are pampered with a 24X7 road-side assistance. Other dealers are limited on warranty to cars with limited kilometers or limited age. We don’t discriminate a car by age; yes but we do it with the kilometers it has clocked.


Road Side Assistance

Roadside assistance and breakdown coverage are services that assist cars who have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded. Our goal is to ensure that you get prompt assistance during such a situation, for which Budget Pre Owned has designed a special programme called the Budget Pre Owned Roadside Assistance.


A company formed by management executives having more than 20 years hands-on experience across the nation in the organized Pre-owned car business, both in the retail and wholesale format, here by ensuring their customers on desired “Quality”, “Product”, “Pricing”, “Assurance” and “After sales”.

  • No-pressure customer service… with a smile!
  • A great selection of high-quality cars.
  • Low prices and after sales services.
  • A stress-free experience.
  • No- Obligation deal of purchase or sale.


Top Up Loan

Many a times our dreams need a little extra help. With our Top-up Loan facility, you can honor your personal desires. With our dedicated finance team, you can avail the Top-up Loan facility at attractive interest rates and the hassle free documentations allows your dream aspire more dreams.

Large Number of Vehicles

With a vehicle title history report and a quality assurance inspection only cars which go through these stringent checks are bought and sold by us. Therefore a Budget Certified Pre-Owned Car on display is always ready for you to drive it out. Before we buy this car and certify it, a vehicle title history report through the Regional Transport Office helps ensure against hidden title defects like salvaged vehicles, title fraud/forgery, number of owners, stolen vehicles and more. Each Certified Pre-Owned car must pass our comprehensive 130 point certification process, covering everything from the engine and body to the seats and interior. This inspection confirms that the quality and condition of the vehicle meets or exceeds our own criteria. Even after it passes the vehicle title history and our own inspection process, it still must pass the most important test – yours.

Auto Loan Available

We provide Auto Loan Facility at our door step. You don`t have to worry about auto Loan,once you get assurance from us.

  • Only Certified Cars...!!!
    Nothing Else...
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