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Mr Rajesh Achari Review`s

Mr Rajesh Achari

Eaton Tech

I have been searching for a used car for almost a month, lot of cars but non were as convincing. A friend of mine suggested Budget cars. the staff here are very co-operative and I was impressed, I bought i10. In future I would prefer and suggest people to

Mr Kumar Vikash Review`s

Mr Kumar Vikash

Fiserv India


Mr Pankaj Deshpande Review`s

Mr Pankaj Deshpande

Awesome experience, would definitely recommend to all.

Mr Madhusudana Reddy Edula Review`s

Mr Madhusudana Reddy Edula

Services are excellent, taking care about customers and prices are genuine

Mr Mariamman K R Jayakumar Review`s

Mr Mariamman K R Jayakumar

The service provided by the staff members are excellent from enquiry to delivery. Please keep up the work good.

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