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Kshitij Gugale Review`s

Kshitij Gugale

Adweb Software - Pune

The service provided by Budget Pre-owned Cars company is extremely good. The car which I bought is thoroughly tested and is really good. Thank you for the service.

Venkat Reddy Kareddy Review`s

Venkat Reddy Kareddy

Cognizant - Pune

I wanted to say that I really appreciated your team worked with me. Thank you for not being pushy (like most sales people are) I appreciated that you respected my budget, and didn't try to sell me anything above what I was willing to spend. The service I

Bibek Mohanty Review`s

Bibek Mohanty

Emerson Technology - Pune

Very good deal and got a great car. Good service and cooperative people. Nice experience and would like to recommend to others.

Dipesh Verma Review`s

Dipesh Verma

Cognizant Technology - Pune

Awesome Service. Very professional working culture. Very Satisfied by the service.

Ravi B S Review`s

Ravi B S

Bosch Systems Ltd

Good experience, very transparent communication. Professional handled all the issues. All the Best.

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